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5 Ways to Become a Leader in Nursing

Some say that certain people are born leaders. The truth is, though, that becoming a leader takes hard work, no matter what industry you’re in. If you want to move your nursing career forward, there are some things you can do to help you get to the top faster.

Education is an essential part of becoming a leader in the nursing industry. For those just getting started in the field, enrolling in a quality nursing school will teach you the fundamentals you need. If you’ve been working in nursing for years, continuing your education and enrolling in new nursing programs can help you stay on top of new methods and trends you need to know about in order to become a go-to source of knowledge and advice.

Read and Contribute to Journals
Reading nursing journals will help you stay aware of trends and learn new information that will help you better treat your patients. Think of reading journals as another way of continuing your education. Don’t just stop at reading them though. If you have something to contribute to a journal, consider submitting an article. Publishing work in a major journal could propel your career forward and help you make a name for yourself, which will undeniable come in very handy both in the short term and later on in your career in nursing.

Being a nurse is hard work and often requires you to put in long hours. But if you can find some time to network with other professionals, you might find your career moving forward faster than you thought possible. Start by attending networking functions organized by a professional nurses association in your area. Meet other nurses and Influencers in the industry and your community and form relationships with them. Having a vast network of resources will really help you become a major player in both the industry and your niche.

Develop Your Leadership Skills
As a nurse you may be used to following orders from doctors and your head nurse. However, understanding the basics of leadership and what it takes to become a leader is necessary to move forward. Eventually, you do want to be the one in charge, right? Don’t limit yourself to just books on healthcare. The basic principles of leadership apply to all fields, and more important than reading anything, the actual application of leadership principles and maintaining the mentality of a leader are crucial.

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