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CampusRN Scholarship Program Winners

Congratulations to the 2009 CampusRN Scholarship Program Winners! Six nursing students were selected from the over 3000 applications CampusRN received. Each student will receive $2500 towards their education.

Winners were selected based on financial need, academic performance, and a commitment to serving the nursing community & community as a whole.

Read the Winning Scholarship Essays Below:

“It Takes a Village”

by Dianne Harris
Northeast Region

...I am committed to bringing about good nursing care to those who are underserved and/or underrepresented. Growing up as a first generation immigrant, in a family of hard workers I know personally how hard it can be to seek and receive healthcare...I would like to give others the opportunities to have the necessary screenings, preventative healthcare and the full range of healthcare options…
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“Why Nursing Is Important to Me”

by Virginia Hacket
Southeast Region

...I know that I can use my education to help reach underserved minority populations and to help empower my community...As a nurse I aspire to address these and the many other healthcare issues that affect minorities. I would also like to use my education to give back to my community by providing education about health promotion and prevention…
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“I Should be a Statistic”

by Jordan Kester
Midwest Region

...I should be a statistic; a contributor to averages, medians, and means. I should be within the neat rows of data and numbers that produce the teen mother stereotype. I’m not; instead I’m currently in my senior year of high school while working part-time as a certified nurse’s aide…
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“Filling a Gap in Nursing”

by Paula Strangeland
South Central Region

...One of the identified reasons for the nurse shortage is lack of qualified nursing instructors. I would like to be able to partially fill this gap...I will be able to complete my educational goal sooner and give back to the profession of nursing and community by helping create nurses for the future…
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“I will get there.”

by Landry Salami
Mountain Region

...My aspiration is to work for my community here in New Mexico...by working to the best of my ability to improve the health standard in this community...I want to fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse to make a difference in people’s health life. I am not in the nursing program because it pays well, but because I care about these sick people…
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“Infectious Disease Nurse Practitioner”

by Kristen Shi
Pacific Region

...I feel passionately about the disparity of healthcare in underserved areas, and it has been shown that infectious diseases disproportionately affect those with lower socioeconomic status...I am currently involved in an effort to start a free/reduced fee health clinic in Seattle’s Rainier Valley (an urban, underserved neighborhood), and hope that my nursing education will allow me the opportunity to make greater contributions to this effort…
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Interested in Applying for the 2010 CampusRN Scholarship Program?

More information can be found at the CampusRN Scholarship Center.

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