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Need A Nursing Job? 5 Tips To Help New Nursing Grads

Gone are the days when you could walk into a hospital or nursing home and be hired on the spot. I can remember way back in the 80s ( i’m dating myself) when I started in nursing, interviewing was easy and they didn’t ask questions like what are your weaknesses. Most of the time, the only question that was asked was “When can you start?”

But in today market the competition is fierce, with facilities wanting nurses with education and experience, what is a new nursing grad to do?  It becomes tough for a new nurse to get into the game.

So after reading through the nursing forums I found new nurses asking for advice on how to get there first job, especially with no experience.
Here are 5 Tips For New Nursing Grads

1. If you can afford to consider volunteering at your local hospital, nursing home or wherever it is you are interested in working at. Once in, you will have first grabs at an RN position that becomes available since most places like to hire within first.

2. There are no set rules that state you have to start your nursing career at a hospital. Try looking at other areas such as clinics, home care, assisted living facilities, insurance companies, student or school nursing, the list goes on.

3. Be pro active in your search for a nursing job. Call the facility you want to work for, find out who does the hiring and ask to speak to them or send an email. You can even send what is called a marketing letter to the owner of a company or facility you are interested in. You have to go after employers; don’t wait for a listing in the paper to appear. 90% of all jobs are found by what is called hidden jobs. These are jobs not listed in the classified or online career sites.

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