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Product and Services

NurseConnect is our database search service. Through NurseConnect, employers can search our database to review the resumes/profiles of potential employees. Searches are customized to target candidates through multiple categories such as major, preferred work location, degree level and many other factors. These searches will also run as “agents”, automating the process by forwarding new matching candidates to the recruiter’s account weekly.  From there our clients can reach these candidates easily via email through our contact management system.  While CampusRN provides these tools to members, through our Assistant Recruiter Program (see below), our Client Services team can do a lot of the outreach on your behalf

Job Postings
Employers can post job openings on CampusRN that are regularly reviewed by candidates seeking all types of employment from full-time to per-diem.  Job seekers find opportunities by searching a variety of criteria such as specialty, job type, and location.  An organization’s complete list of job openings can be viewed through their Employer Profile as well (see details in Research Employers section below).  The applicants can be directed to a URL (on-line) or sent to an email address in order to drive traffic to your current method of receiving applications.

JobAlert (email blast)
Clients’ job postings and events are emailed to those candidates in our database having backgrounds/qualifications suitable for the opportunity. Typically, candidates respond almost instantaneously. Example 1, Example 2

Research Employers
Candidates interested in learning more about our clients may go to the Research Employers section of our site to view Employer Profile Pages. Organizations have (1) a logo, (2) a direct link to the web page of choice, (3) an organizational description, and (4) a direct link to all the jobs postings.  This Profile Page is way to educate candidates about your facility as well as market and gain exposure to the healthcare population nationwide.

Assistant Recruiter Program (ARP)
The “Assistant Recruiter Program” enables CampusRN Client Services Managers to act as an “assistant recruiter” and conduct 100% of the candidate outreach on our client’s behalf. The Client Services Manager will initially consult with the recruiter to gain the knowledge they need to actively target/email candidates highlighting externships, jobs, events, etc. The only obligation is to review the results and update the Client Services Manager with new developments every 90 days so their efforts continue to be channeled accurately.  With the “Assistant Recruiter Program”, we will do the work for you!

State Edition Sponsorship
CampusRN’s state edition sponsorship enables you to target candidates in your state, key bordering states, or a select group of states that are an important part of your strategy. Sponsorship includes home page logo placement along the right-hand column, job postings, “Premier Partner” status and a profile page placed on all of your targeted State Edition sites.

Social Networking
Employers can gain additional visibility with participation on CampusRN2RN, the Social Network designed for nursing students, alumni, current nurses and employers to interact. Employer members can post a dynamic profile featuring facility photos/videos and build relationships with candidates in a less restrictive setting than the traditional online job posting/application process.

Premier Partners
Clients may be further showcased with a logo placement within the Research Employers section of CampusRN. The logo links to the overall Employer Profile Page.

Who’s Hiring
Clients may gain additional visibility with in our “Who’s Hiring” section. The logos of these employers rotate on the upper right side of every page of the CampusRN site. The logo links to the overall Employer Profile Page.

Featured Employers
Clients may choose to have further exposure on our home page. A special link to all the job postings is sure way to drive even more traffic to the application process.

Banner Advertising
Employers can enhance their presence throughout CampusRN with a 468 x 60 banner ad.

Social Recruiting & Branding Support

Want to take your Social Recruiting efforts to the next level? Let CampusRN design a custom campaign to support your current Social Recruiting and Branding efforts.

Tap into our extensive candidate database and high traffic network of sites to increase your exposure.

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