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Strategic Plan for’s Candidate Acquisition

Through the combination of student marketing initiatives, event marketing, university/faculty outreach, our ASAHP partnership and effective Internet marketing techniques, CampusRN has established itself as the destination for nursing/allied health candidates when conducting their employment search.  For details on all our initiatives please continue reading.

Campus Rep Program

CampusRN is employing a “feet-on-the street”, on-campus guerilla marketing team. Peer-to-peer marketing is extremely effective on college campuses and is very cost-efficient with costs fixed based on a fee-per-candidate model of compensation.

- Campus Rep Program

Refer-A-Friend Program

Our membership is one of the most effective avenues for spreading the word about what a valuable resource CampusRN can be for employment exploration. We therefore reward current members for actively building relationships with new members. While our Campus Rep Program relies on word of mouth, the Refer-a-Friend Program is email-based.

Event Marketing

CampusRN strives to maintain a constant presence at as many student-oriented events as possible. CampusRN annually exhibits at over 35 state student nursing association conventions and also regularly attends national events such as the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA) annual and mid-year conventions.  In addition to a general marketing presence, CampusRN signs up members at our booth with an offline registration form. The CampusRN booth is always an extremely popular destination. In addition to becoming members, students get free CampusRN T-shirts, can win prizes such as NCLEX review courses, and become eligible for scholarships and grants that CampusRN sponsors.

Social Networking

CampusRN is marketing its services through the most widely utilized social networks for students. 

CampusRN has launched, the social network for students, alumni, current RNs and employers. The network enables CampusRN to stay in touch with alumni and to add thousands of new members who sign up to participate on the social network and then are encouraged to add their full resume/profile to the CampusRN database.

The National League of Nursing (NLN) Partnership

CampusRN and the NLN have teamed up to offer faculty grants to nursing schools nationwide. This is a critical issue because the severe nursing shortage cannot be addressed without adding more faculty to nursing programs. The NLN is recognizing CampusRN’s efforts by promoting CampusRN to thousands of faculty members in their network, on their website, and through email and direct mail.  This results in thousands of student registrations annually and national prestige and exposure as a partner of the nation’s largest nursing faulty network.

The Association of Schools of Allied Health Professionals (ASAHP) Partnership

CampusRN and the ASAHP have teamed up to offer students an ASAHP-branded version of CampusRN The ASAHP is promoting this site to faculty members at allied health programs that are ASAHP institutional members. All candidate profiles that are created on the ASAHP site are automatically housed in the main CampusRN database. This not only results in thousands of new candidates each year, but credibility with faculty members and hospitals that are affiliated with the ASAHP.

The Scholarship Fund and the Scholarship Center

Our Scholarship Funds and the Scholarship Center are critical components of CampusRN’ marketing campaign because they enable CampusRN to acquire candidates early in their academic career. Hospitals know that 48% of students make their employment choice based on an internship, so they seek to recruit these types of candidates as early as possible. 

CampusRN has launched a new scholarship program in conjunction with the creation of the CampusRN state edition network. This nationwide scholarship program is the most comprehensive of its kind for nursing programs and nursing students because it features scholarship winners from every state in which CampusRN launches a state edition site. CampusRN will award a $1000 scholarship to a needy and deserving nursing student in each state on the anniversary of the launch of that state’s customized site.

CampusRN and the ASAHP have partnered to offer a scholarship fund for students enrolled in degree granting programs, pursuing careers in an allied health profession. Through the Scholarship Center, a database of available scholarship funds nationwide, students are also likely to register as members of CampusRN.

- The Scholarship Center

Faculty Outreach Program

CampusRN and its parent company have an aggressive marketing program encouraging University Administrators to become members. Through the use of partnerships and grassroots promotion, the network has grown to encompass approximately 1,500 University Administrators. The Administrator’s role is to market a weekly newsletter to their students, resulting in hundreds of registrations.

Visit the University Admins area of

The CampusRN State Edition Network

CampusRN has been designed to offer employers and job seekers nationwide a single destination to connect. We also recognize that candidates want specialized resources featuring more local job listings, news, discussion groups, event information etc. While some employers desire national reach, many are focused on branding their organization and targeting candidates in specific geographic markets. The CampusRN network offers the best of both worlds through our national website and database and our network of state edition sites.

This network is invaluable for university faculty because it ensures there is a solution for students and alumni who want to work locally and one for those who are considering relocating after graduation. We encourage colleges and universities to link to CampusRN as well as their appropriate state edition site.

Here are some examples: California, New York, Florida, Tennessee, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Internet Marketing

Students use search engines to actively begin their job search. Google is by far the most popular search engine that students use. Because it is the only site of its kind, and with help from the search engine optimization efforts of our technology team, CampusRN is one of the most visible sites, when candidates search by these and other search queries- nursing jobs or internships, internships, nursing, nursing jobs internships, allied health internships, RN internships, entry-level hospital jobs, jobs for nursing students.

In addition, thousands of sites, including hundreds of university websites are linking their sites to CampusRN.
Sites with CampusRN mentioned

The Net Effect

Through the combination of student marketing initiatives, event marketing, university/faculty outreach, the NLN and ASAHP partnerships and effective Internet marketing and social networking techniques, CampusRN has established itself as the destination for nursing/allied health candidates when conducting their employment search!