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AORN Announces Legislative Priorities for 2011

The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses, (AORN), with a membership base of 40,000 RNs and representing the interests of 140,000 perioperative Registered Nurses in the U.S., has announced it will target seven states in 2011 to enact RN as Circulator. The perioperative RN, through professional and patient-centered expertise, is the primary patient advocate in the operating room and is responsible for monitoring all aspects of the patient’s condition. The presence of the RN in the circulating role throughout each surgical procedure is essential for timely delivery of quality surgical care and optimal patient outcomes.
The seven targeted states, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia, were identified following an interview-based survey of hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers by the AORN Advocacy leaders. Many of these states indicated a strong desire to assure patient safety through the use of an RN circulator for each patient during each surgery. 

posted in: Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia
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