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Best Careers 2011: Registered Nurse

The rundown:

From the squeal of a newborn facing the world for the first time to the final heartbeat tolling the end of a life—and all the flu shots, broken bones, mammograms, weigh-ins, and check-ups in between—nurses play a central role in the milestones and minutiae of most Americans’ lives. As one of more than 2.6 million registered nurses, it may be your job to explain a prescription to a patient, start an intravenous drip, check and record vital signs, or provide care to a patient being transported by helicopter (as a transport nurse). Or you might treat patients with mood disorders as a mental health nurse. There are plenty of specialties. You could focus on the care of transplant patients and living donors as a transplant nurse, or even provide alternative health preparations and preventive care as a holistic nurse.

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posted in: Career, JobAlert, National, news, Employer News
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