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Darton begins 4-year Nursing Program

Students have about one more month to apply for Darton College’s first 4-year degree. 

Classes in the new Nursing Baccalaureate Degree program start in just four months. Admission will be competitive because the program will start small.

Nursing students working on their associates degree at Darton are buried in books, studying for exams just two weeks away.

“You have to put a lot of effort into it because you have to put a lot of effort into it to become a good nurse, you basically have to know your stuff,” said Lois Kamau, a Darton College Nursing Student.

Just last month the college was granted initial approval for the Bachelors Program and is working with SACS and other agencies to gain the needed accreditation. Enrollment is underway.

“We’re planning on accepting application through May 15th,” said April Reese, DPN, CNM Darton College Dean of Nursing.

The response has been overwhelming especially from those who’ve graduated from the 2-year program.

“Most of the students I’m advising are former graduates and a lot of them have previous degrees, or bachelor degrees in other areas,” said Tracy Suber, MSN, RN Darton College Assistant Dean of Nursing.

Digging Deeper Darton College has an unheard of 10 professors working on their doctoral degrees. They’re helping to shape what the program will eventually include.

“The board of nursing and our accrediting bodies have certain courses that have to be include and those courses are research, courses in leadership and community health. Apart from that we have some freedom for other courses we want to develop,” said Reese.

As the economy improves more nurses, especially supervisors who’ve held off retirement and faulty will leave the workforce, creating openings for students with advanced degrees.

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posted in: Georgia
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