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New Scholarships to Benefit Nursing Students

It was announced today that two new scholarship contests are in place for 2011 to specifically benefit nursing students. The Atlanta Nursing Scholarship gives the winner a $500.00 scholarship to be applied toward any accredited nursing program offered by a school in the greater Atlanta area. The Mary Blake Single Parent Nursing Scholarship gives the winner a $500.00 scholarship to be used toward any accredited nursing program.

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By Jaine on 2011 02 03

Education is the most valuable success you can have in life. I want to settle my career in medical field, and it is a honor for me to have the opportunity have a experience, where I can put a smile and serve different patients everyday. University of Medical branch is the first Nursing School in Texas, and they have one of the most scholar staff members and students around.
In health care field, you have to provide trust and confident , because each individual patients will have different case and personality; therefore, when I had worked with patients with cancer, mental disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, and other medical conditions At Brook Dale Living center, I had to get adapt to their personalities, and I was inspired and educated from each individual. My duties were to help them with daily activities (shower, change of clothing, and personal need), Serve them food, assist them in room services, ensured that residents were not physically or mentally abused. Pass out medication, and ensure all daily reports are accurate.

I am a very simple and ethical guy. I was always friendly and helpful others. In medical field, I understand, I have to provide each individual with essential care and ability to put a smile and make them happy. Saving lives and put the best performance that I can provide would be very vital in the field, they would be my priorities, and I would approach that positive attitude until end of my career. I would bring great amount of leadership to my team, as student or nurse.

My professional goals are to build myself around, educate , and learn new things everyday in science, working with the most well known Doctors, Surgeons, Students, and Faculty members, I think it would make me a better nurse and person with amazing knowledge. University Of Medical Branch has one of the most successful programs, researchers and scientist. They have high profiles of successful treatment and care for the patients. Each day the survival rates are increasing due to their new technologies, study of drugs, and treatment plans. The FDA are approving new drugs and vaccines in the market. The evidence shows, our modern studies are getting more efficient, and accurate information to provide successful treatment to our youths and adults. I can only imagine what would science do in the future; therefore, it would be my honor to be part of the team, who is continue making history.

I like to meet people who can inspire, educate, and entertain.

By diamondsikder on 2011 02 03

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By anna on 2011 02 04

Dear sir/madam,
I am a kenyan girl wishing to study nursing at southwest tennessee community college,I come from a poor family in kenya but a good samaritan in memphis TN is willing to carter for my boarding fees if I cn find an organisation to sponsor my course,I need your help to realise my dream,please help me

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By rrtt on 2011 02 24

This will surely benefit students. Are there any auditions to win such scholarships?

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