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Support for students of private nursing colleges

Expressing its solidarity to students of private nursing colleges, the United Graduate Nurses Association (UGNA) had brought out ‘facts’ justifying the G.O. issued by the State Government on January 18 enabling the nursing students of private colleges to enter Government service.

It has also appealed to concerned authorities to take necessary action for the continuation of the G.O. (Ms)No.29 dated 18-01-12) which gives private college nursing students a fair chance to join government service.

The association president C. Prem Kumar and its secretary A. Markkandan have raised pointed questions on the issue and explained why the G.O. is very appropriate and essential.

“During the tenure of previous government, totally 100 private nursing colleges and 100 nursing schools were opened. After giving permission to start many colleges, why should the life of nursing students who graduate from them be a question mark now? Why should there be objection of their entry in to Government service?” they questioned.

The association pointed out that the students of private and Government nursing colleges/schools have the same syllabus, same theory and practical hours as prescribed by Indian Nursing Council, Tamil Nadu Nursing Council and the Tamil Nadu Dr. M. G. R. Medical University. Private colleges are continually scrutinised through various inspections and hence there is no reasons for being discriminated.

They also pointed out that all professionals such as engineers, doctors and teachers who complete their education in private colleges are given privilege to enter Government service through competitive examinations.

“Only in Tamil Nadu, there is discrimination towards nurses. For Central Government requirements, nursing posts are filled through a process and B.Sc., M.Sc. nursing students and trained nurses coming from private colleges are able to enter Central Government hospitals,” the association said.

While there is a growing demand for nurses to cater to needs of increasing population in the country, nearly two lakh nursing students who are qualified from private institutions remain either unemployed or draw a meagre salary.

“All the private colleges are started only through a G.O. after they meet the standards prescribed by Government and university. Unfortunately, a wrong idea is propagated that the private nursing students are ill prepared. Many political leaders and top officials go to well established private hospitals for treatment where they are taken care of by nurses. It is a testimony for their quality care,” a press release from UGNA here on Saturday said.

The association has further said that students of government colleges who study General Nurse and Midwifery training are paid a stipend of Rs.300 per month whereas in private nursing colleges the cost of training is not subsidised and students take either bank loan or borrow from other sources for their studies.

“After completing their studies, the initial salary is very low. They are not able to pay even the interest for loan. How incapacitating is this?” it asked.

Stressing that the issue of allowing private nursing students in to government service is linked to empowerment of women, the association said that the only profession where 99 per cent is dominated by females is nursing profession.

“Everywhere there is a voice supporting equal status for women. The recent G.O. issued by the Tamil Nadu Government will only enhance women empowerment.”

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posted in: International, news, Employer News
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