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North Carolina Education Scholarship Loan Program

This program is available through the financial aid offices of North Carolina colleges and universities thatoffer nurse education programs which prepare students for licensure in North Carolina as an LPN or RN.Awards are based upon financial need as well as other factors such as academic performance. The amount of the award depends on the degree the recipient is pursuing. Recipients must fulfill a work commitment after graduation. To apply contact the financial aid office at the participating NC college or university offering the level of nurse education desired. Recipients must execute a promissory note. Students are encouraged to apply early in the school year.

Deadline: During school year.

Eligibility: SAT: ACT: GPA: Ethnicity: Residents of: NC Schools in: Affiliation: Additional Restrictions:

Contact Information:
Scholarship and Grant Services
North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority
P.O. Box 14223
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-4223
Phone: 800-700-1775 Fax: