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Seacoast Health Scholarship Program

Open to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing health-related fields of study whar are legal residents of the following cities in New Hampshire: Portsmouth, Newington, New Castle, Ryan, Greenland,N. Hampton, or these cities in Maine:Kittery, Eliot, or York. $150,000 awarded annually.

Number Awarded: 35 awarded each year.

Duration: 1 year.

Deadline: February of each year.

Eligibility: SAT: ACT: GPA: Ethnicity: Residents of: NH,ME Schools in: Affiliation: Additional Restrictions:

Contact Information:
Foundation for the Seacoast Health
P.O. Box 4606
Portsmouth, NH 3802-4606
Phone: 603-433-3008 Fax: 603-433-2036