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Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Awards

To provide financial support for specialized study to clinically trained professionals who are committed to a career in research and have the potential to develop into independent investigators.

Amount Awarded: $20000

Number Awarded: Varies each year.

Duration: 3 to 5 years.

Deadline: January, May, or September of each year.

Eligibility: This program is open to candidates who 1) have a clinical degree or its equivalent; 2) can identify a mentor with extensive research experience; and 3) are willing to spend a minimum of 75% of full-time professional effort conducting research and research career development activities for the period of the award. Applications may be submitted on behalf of candidates by domestic, non-federal organizations, public or private, such as medical, dental, or nursing schools or other institutions of higher education. Minorities and women are particularly encouraged to apply. Candidates must be US citizens or permanent residents.

Contact Information:
National Institutes of Health
Division of Extramural Outreach and Information Resources
Attn: GrantsInfo
6701 Rockledge Drive, Suite 6095
Bethesda, MD 20892
Fax: 301/480-8443