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Academic Career Awards

To provide financial support to postdoctorates interested in introducing or improving curriculum in a particular scientific field as a means of enhancing th educational or research capacity at the grantee institution.

Number Awarded: Varies each year.

Duration: 2 to 5 years.

Deadline: January, May, or September of each year.

Eligibility: Candidates for these awards must have a clinical or research doctoral degree. The program is open both to junior investigators who are interested in developing an academic and research expertise in a particular field and to senior scientists with acknowledged scientific expertise and leadership skills who are interested in improving the curricula and enhancing the research capacity within the academic institution. Junior candidates should propse a plan of teaching, curriculum building, research, and leadership development, under the guidance of a mentor who is an expert in the research field of interest and has a record of providing a the type of supervision required by this award; these candidates must be able to devote 75% of full-time professional effort to the research and development programs required for academic development. Senior candidates must have sufficient training, reearch, or teaching experience to implement a program of curriculum development within the applicant institution; must have an academic appointment at a level sufficient to exert an influence on the coordination of research, teaching, and clinical practice in an emerging field; and must be able to devote at least 25% effort to the program. Applications may be submitted on behalf of candidates by domestic, non-federal orgranizations, public or private, such as medical, dental, or nursing schools or other institutions of higher education. Minorities and women are particularly encouraged to apply. Candiddates must be US citizens or permanent residents.

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