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Academic Research Enhancement Award

To stimulate research in educational institutions that provide baccalaureate training for a significant number of American research scientists but that have not been major participants in NIH programs.

Number Awarded: Varies each year.

Duration: Up to 36 months.

Deadline: January, May, or September of each year.

Eligibility: This grant program is offered to researchers at domestic institutions that offer baccalaureate or advanced degrees in the sciences related to health, except those that have received research grants and cooperative agreements from the NIH totaling more than $2 million per year in each of the preceding 4 or more years. Health professional schools are eligible, as are officially discrete campuses of a university. Investigators eligible for the program are those who will not have active research grant support from the NIH at the time of application. Scientists working in eligible minority and women's educational institutions are particularly encouraged to submit an application.

Contact Information:
National Institutes of Health
Division of Extramural Outreach and Information Resources
Attn: GrantsInfo
6701 Rockledge Drive, Suite 6095
Bethesda, MD 20892
Fax: 301/480-8443