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Edwards Medical Supply Scholarship for Continuing Education

To provide financial assistance to occupational and environment health nurses who are interested in pursuing continuing education.

Amount Awarded: $1500

Number Awarded: 2 each year.


Deadline: November of each year.

Eligibility: This program is open to occupational and environmental health nurses who wish to participate in a continuing education activity that will further their professional development and continued competence. Selection is based on a statement of career goals as they pertain to the applicant's professional development and continued competence, how the continuing education activity will further the applicant's goals, commitment to ongoing continuing education activities, a letter of support, and financial need.

Additional Information: These scholarships are not intended to supplement tuition in an academic program.

Contact Information:
American Association of Occupational Health Nurses,
Attn: AAOHN Foundation
2920 Brandywine Road, Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30341
Fax: 770/455-7271