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AHRQ Research Grants

To provide financial assistance to doctoral candidates engaged in research for a dissertation that examines some aspect of the health care system.

Amount Awarded: $30000

Number Awarded: Up to 30 each year.

Duration: 1 year.

Deadline: January, May, or September of each year.

Eligibility: Eligible for these grants are registered doctoral candidate who have completed all requirements for the doctoral degree other than the dissertation. The dissertation topic must relate to health services research. A special focus is on health issues related to priority populations. US citizenship is not required, but candidates who are neither US citizens nor permanent residents must apply through their institution.

Additional Information:

Contact Information:
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Attn: Division of Grants Management
2101 East Jefferson Street, Suite 601
Rockville, MD 20852
Fax: 301/594-3210