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Ortho Biotech Research Fellowship

To support short-term postdoctoral oncology research training with a senior investigator who has an established pattern of research that is relevant to oncology nursing.

Amount Awarded: $10000

Number Awarded: 1 or more each year.

Duration: Up to 1 year.

Deadline: May of each year.

Eligibility: This program is open to RNs who have a doctorate in nursing or a related discipline and an interest in oncology. Membership in ONS in preferred, but not required. Applicants must be proposing to learn a new methodology or laboratory procedure, to develop a new program of research or refine an existing program, to attend a specialized research training program, to develop a relationship with a mentor as a springboard to another source of funding, or to work with a multicultural expert on the translation of research tools. The applicant must not have previously received a fellowship from the Oncology Nursing Foundation.

Contact Information:
Oncology Nursing Foundation
501 Holiday Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
Fax: 412/921-6565