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Susan Baird Oncology Excellence in Writing Awards in Clinical Practice and Nursing Research

To recognize and reward outstanding unpublished clinical or research papers in oncology nursing.

Amount Awarded: $1250

Number Awarded: 1 each year.

Duration: Annually.

Eligibility: To be eligible, a paper must be original and unpublished. Only peer reviewed manuscripts will be considered. Papers must be clearly characterized as clinical or nursing research. The clinical paper is evaluated according to originality and timeliness of the subject, relevance to oncology clinical practice, quality and amount of original material presented, value to increasing the understanding of oncology clinical nursing practice, and quality of the writing. The research paper is evaluated according to the statement of the problem and the purpose, the summary of the relevant literature, the discussion section, and the quality of the writing. All articles that have appeared in the previous volume of Oncology Nursing Forum and meet the selection criteria are automatically considered for the award; nominations are not accepted.

Contact Information:
Oncology Nursing Press, Inc.
501 Holiday Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
Fax: 412/921-6565