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Making a Difference

My goals and aspirations as they relate to my education, career, and future and simple but profound:  Make a difference in the lives of those that I touch.  This has been a personal statement of mine for the past ten years of my life, but looking back into childhood it is who I have always been.  I was always the first one to greet the new student, lend a helping hand, or stand up for what I believed was right.
This goal doesnâ?Tt have to make sweeping changes; it is just a way to live my life and create small waves along the way.
In school, it keeps me focused on the task at hand, which is learning as much as I can to make a great nurse.  I do my best on my school, lab, and clinical work, while making connections with the people around me.  I am someone who my classmates trust and look to for support.  I am always willing to take a challenging patient at the clinical sight, and find out what I can do to help.
In my career and future my goal to make a difference is multifaceted.  As a nurse I know that I will make an exceptional addition to any team.  I will be able to step up to what is given me and make the most of it.  In the diverse world that we live in I can make a difference by using the languages and cultural adaptations that I have learned from living abroad several times.
I am a qualified candidate for this scholarship because I am determined to keep going no matter what it takes.  I will use my degree for the benefit of all those around me â?” my family, my community, and my employer.

posted in: Washington


Growing up, my family did not have any money.  Both of my parents were drug addicts and my brother and I were the one’s to pay the price.  The only time I was able to eat was at school and eventually we were taken away and put in foster care.  My grandmother took custody of us and ever since I was little I knew I wanted to help under privileged people that had the same life I did.  I originally wanted to become a doctor but that changed soon after I had my son who is my world. While in the hospital, the nurses made my experience what it was.  I saw the doctor for about an entire 20 minutes.  At that point I realized I was in the wrong profession.  There is a clinic near my home and I would love to be a part of that someday.  Growing up with no money or anything to my name, I want others to realize that there is someone there for them to help them no matter what their situation is.  I will not judge or discriminate.  Coming from nothing, I have worked hard to get where I am today.  I want to let others know that they do not always have to deal with the hand that life has dealt them.
After getting my BSN and working for awhile I would like to go back to school for my doctorate.  The world is full of knowledge and I want to learn as much as I can so I can share it with others.  I want to be that nurse that puts a smile on a patient’s face whether I see them at the hospital with a missing arm or at the clinic because they cannot afford the hospital, it does not matter.  Every sniffle matters.  I would love to work in a clinic and help others achieve their goals as well as my own.  I am a hard worker and enjoy learning about the body and if I receive this scholarship, I will work hard to make my dreams come true.

posted in: Ohio

The Art of Nursing

I always thought that I wanted to be a doctor because that is what my grandfather was.  It wasnâ?Tt until my senior year in high school that I changed my goals in life.  I was given three life changing experiences.  The first was the opportunity to go to a medical conference in Chicago.  The second was a day in a doctorâ?Ts office where I was continually brushed off to shadow the nurse rather than the doctor.  The third was my senior project at St. Anneâ?Ts hospital in the OB unit.  I went in every day for a week and realized that nursing is where I am supposed to be. I feel so gratified helping other people in a nursing role that I knew I could do it and get paid very little for it just because the real payment would be the look on a patientâ?Ts face when I can sit down and calm their fears or care enough to hear about their family and why they are in the hospital.  I realized from these three experiences that I wanted to spend time with the patients and not be there simply to make a diagnosis.  I want to know what the patient is like and be able to put my hand on their arm and see the relief on their face when I can tell them everything will be okay.  I want to be able to make them feel better.
I currently work in a hospital as an aid.  I love my job but I want to be able to do more for the patients.  No matter how hard it is to get out of bed in the morning, once I look at the patients that I will be caring for that day I realize what a good day it is going to be and look forward to the stories that each of my patients can tell me or what new knowledge I can gain that day.  I want to be a nurse because I want to spend my life being a servant to those in need and helping anybody that I can.  Nursing is the only thing that I can picture myself being successful and happy doing.  Whenever I try to think of anything else that will make me happy it always in some way comes back to nursing.

posted in: Ohio

My Future Awaits

Nursing is often chosen because it offers job security, financial stability, and the privilege of working with and caring for people. These were naturally part of why I initially chose nursing. After being in school for two years, I now see many more opportunities within nursing that were invisible to me as an incoming freshman. Thus far into the coursework we have completed a clinical in a nursing home facility and are beginning our time in an acute care setting. Further into the program many more styles of nursing are exposed to us.  This is one of the many perks of my career choice, a broad and ever expanding field to choose from. Another point that is stressed to us as students is the possibilities that are offered if you continue up the education ladder. Within nursing the sky is the limit on the amount of education one can receive. With each notch on the ladder completed, more expertise follows. I truly believe I have chosen a career that has infinite possibilities to offer to all capable, qualified, lifelong learners.
My first clinical experience opened my eyes to what I was getting into. While in the nursing home we were able to give care at the most basic level and have the opportunity to really connect with those familiar faces. This is so rare in nursing today because of the fast paced routine of the hospital setting. We were expected to give bed baths, change bedding, clothes, depends, help to deliver and feed lunches, and pass medications. This was my first experience with being in someoneā?Ts personal space and barley knowing more than their name. While at first I was intimidated, as the semester passed by I realized that by performing these basic and therapeutic tasks with my patients I was able to build a much stronger and more trusting relationship. To me, this is the heart of nursing and solidified more than ever before; I am choosing the right career. Since building these relationships with people I canā?Tt imagine a life where I canā?Tt do this every day.
Although nursing is a common career choice it is not one easily completed. Schoolwork is complex and very challenging. Some may buckle under the pressure or choose another path for themselves. I have no doubt chosen a competitive and difficult course of study but I knew that coming into it. I know what is expected of me and I get the work done. I take my classes very seriously because I know the information Iā?Tm learning now is what will help save lives in the future. I also believe that when school is something the student has to pay for they learn to appreciate it more. When I graduate I will be able to say that I did it for myself and no one else. I will have an ever changing career with endless opportunity, itā?Ts only two years away, and I canā?Tt wait!

posted in: Ohio


I love helping people! I believe that if I am able to be of assistant to
someone else then I should do it. I am a mother to six children and that is
what made me start thinking about becoming a nurse. I have training as a
Paralegal and could not find work in the area where I live so I started
thinking about myself and my passions and I discovered I had a passion to
help the sick and hurting. I also felt I was missing out on something as a
Paralegal. I started back to school in 2006 and my husband followed the next
semester. We both decided we wanted to give our children a better life and
be a role model to them that education is very important.

I also find it a phenomenal how our bodies work and the way we process so
much information at such a fast rate without us even knowing. I first
started school thinking I could never learn or understand this material ,but
amazing enough with a lot of work and studying I have retained about half,
(ha, ha). I have had wonderful teachers and enjoy learning. I hope to be a
very good nurse with all the training I am receiving now.

Another reason for wanting to become a nurse is job security. We were
homeless six years ago and I know the feeling of desperation and not having
any way to care for my children. I want to be able to provide for them
without any assistance. I believe we should use necessary assistance as a
stepping stone, but not depend on it for the rest of our lives. Most of the
time we don’t realize our real potential until something like that happens
and we have to make a decision to make a chance, and praise God I did and it
is for the better. School and working are very hard work. Trying to raise a
family in the middle of that is even harder but I am dedicated to finishing
school for my family and giving them a better future.

posted in: South Carolina

Want to be a doctor

Hi, my name is Mayela Garcia and I’m planning on graduating as a junior. I
am 35 of 130 out of class of ‘09. Ever since I was young I wanted to become
a doctor. I know that I would take many years but I am very dedicated. I
really want to be a doctor to help out my family. My father has really
worked hard ever since he came here to the United States. I really just want
to pay hlim back for all that he did for me. I feel that I have the
potential to be what i want to be.

posted in: Texas

A Conscious Decision of Place and Profession

I came from this place. This place is northern Michigan.
For the majority of my last twenty-two years northern Michigan,
specifically the range of Emmet County, has been my home. I left to go to
school, to travel and to learn. I learned that there are many other amazing
places, foreign and domestic, and many amazing opportunities across the

I made a conscious decision to return, even given my education in welding,
carpentry, and a Bachelor’s degree which could secure a comfortable life
I chose to come back because there is a connection to the community that
fostered me and still does to this day.

I came back to invest myself in northern Michigan which first invested
itself in me.

The way I’ve found to invest myself has been through studying nursing.
There is a shortage of nurses in my community. My hope is that as a nurse
within this place, I can work to remedy the health needs of my community and
with it, the needs of our country as a whole. Before one can contribute to a
community, one must be healthy. And, given my education and potential, I can
help those around me—around us, as a region and a country—to be healthy,
beneficial individuals as I work as a nurse.

The CampusRN Scholarship would help me cover the expenses of tuition and
help us, as a region and a nation, have a healthier, more enriched
existence, enjoying the fruits modern healthcare and a democratic country.

Choosing me for the CampusRN Scholarship would be a worthwhile investment
because I myself am invested in a community with serious needs, a community
that is a part of the greater whole, the Midwest, the United States.

posted in: Michigan

A personal approach to becoming a nurse

I had been working in healthcare for most of my adult life, but had never
felt that I had found my true calling. Serendipity led me to realize that I
was to become a nurse.
In 2005 I had open-heart surgery to correct a rare, life threatening,
congenital defect. Although I was terrified by the whole ordeal, I was also
fascinated. I can remember being in the intensive care unit and being
captivated by my surroundings. The nurses were phenomenal. My interest in
the nursing aspect of my care was met with enthusiasm, and my questions were
answered knowledgeably and compassionately. They took time to care for me as
a whole person, not just as an illness. I will always be grateful to the
nurse who didn’t hesitate to wake the physician in the middle of the
night. I was in excruciating pain, and I did not have adequate pain
medication ordered. Without the outstanding care I received from these
nurses, I don’t know how I would have made it through the ordeal. These
special people were my caregivers, my advocates and my angels.
My goal is to become a nurse in a critical care or emergency department. I
feel that having been through a life-threatening event, I have a true
understanding of what it is like to entrust your life to the care of others.
Those nurses who cared for me gave me so much more than they could ever
realize. They inspired me, and gave me the courage to go back to school and
pursue a career in nursing. I learned first hand that it is an honor and a
privilege to have a complete stranger entrust you with their care, and I
wanted so much to be able to do that for another person.
I once read that the wounded make the best healers. I don’t know how
much truth there is to that statement. What I do know, however, is what it
feels like to be a patient. I will always be mindful of this, and I believe
that I will be a better nurse for it. I would be so honored to be awarded a
scholarship to help me achieve my goal of completing my nursing education.

posted in: Kentucky


Waiting in the emergency room with my grandmother once, I noticed a worried
Hispanic woman holding her baby in her arms and desperately signaling to a
nurse that something was wrong with her child. The concerned nurse asked the
woman a series of questions then realized that neither of them understood
each other. The nurse tried her best to let the woman know that there was
not a Spanish translator available. I was sixteen years old at the time but
seeing the woman’s discouraged and panicked face, I wanted to help. I
dedicated myself to studying and learning both spoken and written Spanish
and have found opportunities to use those skills. I am now a tutor for
Hispanic students and enjoy every minute of helping them build their
confidence in school and realize that they are very smart and capable. There
are many ways that speaking both English and Spanish have proven helpful and
beneficial. I want to be a part of the nursing field and use this skill to
serve others. Also, organization is an integral part of being a nurse
because it means always being prepared. I am dedicated to serving others,
well organized, and carefully precise. These are the things that motivate me
to be a nurse.

posted in: Alabama

I should be a statistic

My name is Jordan Kester and I should be a statistic; a contributor to
averages, medians, and means. I should be within the neat rows of data and
numbers that produce the teen mother stereotype. I’m not; instead I’m
currently in my senior year of high school while working part-time as a
certified nurse’s aide.
The last two years haven’t been easy; with the birth of my daughter
MaKinzie the words; average, normal, and simple ceased to be a part of my
life. A teenage mother is far from ordinary, and the choices that need to be
made are never simple. I am the product of a single parent home; therefore I
was under no illusion of what the future held. However, the transition from
being a child to having one wasn’t smooth by any means. I ran the gauntlet
of emotions; from embarrassment, fear, and uncertainty, to resolution,
determination, and fulfillment. I had to face my personal apocalypse; my
world had ended, and in its place was one that centered around my daughter.
Club meetings, dances, and sports were replaced by the need for diapers and
formula, and by the worry, fevers and colds bring to a new mother. It was a
constant battle for my mother to provide for me and my brother. I knew my
newborn addition would cause even more financial stress. I never imagined
that I would follow in my mother’s footsteps as a single mother, but now
that I had crossed the threshold to adulthood I had to continue moving
I’ve always dreamt of becoming a nurse and in 2007 I took the first steps
towards that dream. I obtained my certified nurse’s aide certificate that
summer, and by the following summer I received my certified medication aide
license. With each of these achievements I’ve come closer to making my
dream a reality and securing a financially stable future for myself and my
daughter. Since becoming a CNA I’ve worked in the Long Term Care unit of
Satanta District Hospital as well as continuing my education. I view
graduating from high school and pursuing a degree in nursing as a necessity,
not an option.
Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “To laugh often and much; to win the
respect of intelligent people and the affection of children…to leave the
world a better place…to know even one life has breathed easier because you
have lived. This is to have succeeded.” Every time I look into my
daughter’s smiling eyes, every time a resident thanks me for the care
I’ve provided; I know I’m making a difference in the lives I touch each
day. The ability to give the gifts of compassion and humanity to others is
my success. By continuing my education and becoming a nurse I can continue
to warm the lives of those in need. I’ve already defied the odds; now I
want to change those odds.

posted in: Kansas