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California Registered Nurse Education Scholarship Program

To provide loans-for-service to baccalaureate degree nursingstudents in California who are members of demographicallyunderrepresented and economically disadvantaged groupsand willing to practice in a medically underserved area of California.

Amount Awarded: $8000

Number Awarded: Varies each year.

Duration: 1 year: may be renewed for 1 additional year.

Deadline: March or September of each year.

Eligibility: This program is open to students accepted or enrolled in a baccalaureate degree nursing program in California. Applicants must agree to practice nursing in direct patient care for at least 2 years in a medically underserved area in California. Selection is based on work experience in a medically underserved area; community background; career goals; prior academic performance; potential for future academic success; and financial need. Preference is given to 1) applicants who have graduated from an associate degree nursing program and 2) full-time students or part-time students who can complete their baccalaureate degree requirements within the next 2 years. US citizenship or permanent resident status is required.

Additional Information: Recipients of the scholarships must enter into a contract with the California Office Statewide Health Planning and Development to provide direct patient care in a medically underserved area or facility for 2 years. If the recipient fails to carry out that service and breaches the contract, the office is entitled to recover funds already paid to the recipient plus interest.

Contact Information:
Health Professions Education Foundation
1600 Ninth Street, Suite 436
Sacramento, CA 95814
Fax: 916/653-1438