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Educational Nursing Videos

We have put together an extensive collection of online educational nursing videos on our social network, CampusRN2RN, where nursing students interact with friends, RN's, and employers!

Whether you are still in school or just want to brush up on your skills, these videos are a great resource for student nurses & nurses alike. For more videos check you can browse all educational videos.

Featured Video Series

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Organic Chemistry - Lectures & Study Guide
(15 Videos)
Nursing Skill Demonstrations
(15 Videos)
Anatomy & Physiology - Lectures & Study Guide
(18 Videos)
* * *
Nursing Skills, Condition Overviews, Treatment Guides
(108 Videos)
Integrative Biology 131: General Human Anatomy - Lectures & Study Guide
(38 Videos)
Spanish for Nurses
(6 Videos)

Nursing Skills Demonstrations (15 Videos)

Fifteen instructional videos demonstrating/explaining basic skills - topics include: Priming an IV Bag, Resetting an IV, Drawing from an Ampule, Administering an IntradermalIntramuscular, Z-track, and Succutaneous Injections, Cathoder Insertion, along with various other topics.

Nursing Skills, Condition Overviews, Treatment Guides (108 Videos)

These videos are dedicated to all those who continuously seek more understanding and wants to review basic skills related to the field of health care. May we never reach a point in our lives where we think we know it all and cease educating ourselves

Anatomy & Physiology Videos

Pathophysiology Videos

Organic Chemistry Videos

Spanish for Nurses (6 Videos)

Basic Spanish words, phrases, structures, and concepts for nurses who want to communicate better with their Spanish speaking clients

The Nursing Shortage: A Crisis in America Healthcare (8 Videos)

An eight part series that focuses on the Nursing Shortage across the country.

Nurse Interviews

Nurses explain what they do in their various specialities

Public Health Nurses - Interviews

This is a series of interviews with Public Health Nurses from across the country explaining their areas of interest and research.

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